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April 25, 2022

10 Best investment option – money Earning Tips /Moneymaker

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Before you invest, I want you to believe in it. I have written this article to give you an overview of the best investment option available but it would only work when you do thorough research, show patience, and believe prior to investing.

Mutual funds / Index funds are one of the Best investment option

Mutual funds suggest a group of people putting their money together to buy stocks and bonds or in some cases a combination of both.

This fund is managed by a professional fund manager who manages the pool of money and builds a portfolio that is in line with the investment objective of the scheme.

Investments are spread across industries and sectors at a very wide angle. This will ensure that the risk is under control because all stocks may not move in the same proportion and the same direction at the same time. So, it helps balance things out.

When investors invest in the fund, they buy units of the fund at its NAV price. However, it must be noted, every day NAV of the scheme also varies on a day-to-day basis.

Corporate Fixed Deposits

Our elders have been investing in bank FDs for ages. It was good until the ’90s or 2000 but now it cannot beat inflation because FDs are paying you interest rate between 6-7 %, so your money value remains the same even after a year when you go out in the market to buy anything.

But did you know that many corporates also offer the facility to open fixed deposits these are called company fixed deposits and are governed by Companies Act 58 A?

It is like typically fixed deposits the company offers a fixed rate of return for the fixed tenure the best thing about a company FD is the interest rate but there are several advantages over Bank FDs. This flexibility you to choose your interest credit duration monthly quarterly half-yearly or yearly lower-risk corporate FDs is backed by reputed rating by agencies like ICRA, CARE, CRISIL, thus reducing the risk factor.

Provident Fund- PPF/EPF

Provident fund is of 2 types, PPF & EPF. PPF can be opened by anyone but it has a lock-in period of 15 years. However, it gives you a better return than FD which is 7.5-9%, and government-supported which ensures no risk at all.

EPF- Employee provident fund: This is when you join an organization and it has a facility of EPF and enrolls you for the same and you get withdraw it only when you leave the organization.

NPS – National pension scheme

NPS as the name suggests it mainly accumulates money for your retirement. Returns from this are better than FD and PF which is 8-13%, however, better returns come with a little risk. How to let me explain NPS puts 75% of your money in Equity/Shares and the remaining 25% in government bonds and security.


An international investment option like Us stocks and in that one big attraction is FAANG (Facebook Apple Amazon Netflix and Google) return from these companies skyrocketed in last decade. Even in comparison to any Indian stock market option they did outperform. So, if you are planning to diversify your portfolio and this could be the best option. You can invest in these by just opening ET money/IND money or Angel broking account in minutes with not much document requirement.

AIF: Alternative investment funds

It’s an alternative to traditional stocks/bonds and funds it deals with private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, private debt, or Real estate projects. You can become an angel investor by investing in startups through some communities. However, it requires minimum funding of 25 lakh to 1 crore depends on project to project.

ETF: Exchange-traded fund

You must have heard of nifty 50, Sensex, or S&P 500 you can invest in these through ETF which replicates these. Though it has high volatility because a market can go down any time but historical data has shown it hasn’t gone down more than 5% in a day but at the same time market or index surged back after some time and has given better returns.

REIT: Real Estate Investment Trust

We hear all the time property investment is the best option for returns from our parents but it requires huge capital. So, we forget about it and move on but REIT is an option that gives the opportunity to start with very small capital.

The investors invest in REITs majorly for higher income and long-term growth because it earns returns in the form of dividends.

They help in sponsoring assets through trusts and let investors become the owners of varied properties, even though they may not be able to buy an asset solely.

As per the REIT guidelines, at least 80 percent of the value must be invested in ready revenue-creating assets and reaming 20% in an under-construction project.

Businesses- one of the best investment option

A simple yet very attractive example for this would be if you see a friend of yours starting or already running a business and you find it promising too.

Then there you are, you have the perfect opportunity to make passive income by investing in and take hold of your profit share. But remember don’t forget to do some paperwork before jumping into it.


Yes, that’s true I am suggesting cryptocurrency as an investment option but I am only doing it in the end because it is the riskiest option to go for. However, the higher the risk is the bigger the return would be.

I am not just saying start investing in it just like that analyze it, and put only that part of your capital that wouldn’t make any impact on you.

To understand it better I have mentioned it in detail in my other blog. Please feel free to contact us.

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