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Mutual Funds

Equity Market

Equity or Derivative Market – Which is Better?

Introduction The stock market offers various avenues for investment, including the equity market and derivative market. For a stock market ...
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mutual fund investing tips

Know these 6 Tips before Investing in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are most popular and advantageous for many investors. As their name implies, mutual funds mean pool money from ...
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Open Ended & Close Ended Mutual Funds Explained

Mutual funds are classified according to their structure, such as whether they are open-ended or closed-ended. The differences between these ...
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entry and exit load

What Are Entry Load And Exit Load? And How To Calculate Them

When it comes to investing in mutual funds, there are a lot of different terms and concepts that you need ...
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net asset value

What is NAV | NAV Formula | How to calculate NAV

If you are a new mutual fund investor, you may be wondering what NAV means. What is NAV (Net Asset ...
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What are AMCs?

What are AMCs: Mutual Funds All you need to know

An asset management company (AMC) is a corporation that pools client assets and invests them in a variety of investments ...
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What are ELSS Funds? Best Tax Saving Investment Option

Investing in ELSS mutual funds has two advantages: tax reductions and long-term wealth accumulation. ELSS mutual funds have the shortest ...
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types of mutual funds

Types of Mutual Funds that give you High Return

Are you considering investing in mutual funds? Then you must understand the various mutual fund types and the advantages they ...
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how to open a demat account

How to Open a Demat Account In 5 Minutes

On a random day, one of my friend said to me that he was trying to open an account a ...
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sip investment

How to Start SIP Investments/Mutual Funds

A lot of investors are investing through SIP today. SIP is an abbreviation for Systematic Investment Planning.It is designed by mutual ...
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