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May 27, 2022

The 7 Best Social Media Marketing (SMM) Tools 2022

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Social media growth as a marketing platform has been rapid, and it is now an important aspect of digital marketing. While the return on investment from social media marketing initiatives is unrivaled, knowing some best social media marketing tools will help you to save time and channel your efforts for the best results if you just starting social media marketing. We’ll look at the best SMM tools in 2022 that can help you speed up your social media marketing operations in this article.

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Any social media post must go through the first step of quality control, which is grammar correction. Grammarly is an excellent tool for performing a first-level edit before publishing any text. Grammarly identifies your spelling errors and provides ideas for enhancing your text’s grammar and readability.

Grammarly also offers auto-recommendations for vocabulary, word choice, and sentence structure. Grammarly’s plagiarism detection feature helps you to spot duplicate content and take action before it is flagged by a search engine. A simple free version of the program is provided, as well as a premium version at $29.95 per month.


InVideo is a unique video-making tool that helps you to organize and categorize your videos. You may then sort and post your social media videos directly from the platform. You can choose from over 4000 different templates and then customize them for your video.

The best thing about the InVideo tool is that, despite its complex editing capabilities, it has an easy-to-use interface. There is a free version of InVideo that allows you to export up to 60 videos every month. If you upgrade to the paid version, you can remove the watermark and make an infinite number of videos. The monthly fee starts at $20.


Hashtags are useful for increasing the visibility of a social media post. Flick is a tool that creates 30 relevant hashtags for your post. Because social media platforms such as Instagram limit you to use 30 hashtags each post, using Flick lets you to skip the time-consuming procedure of discovering all 30 hashtags.
Another significant benefit of Flick is its analytics feature. The simple interface provides a detailed overview of the performance of your hashtags, including information such as average likes, competition intensity, and more. The tool is available in four different pricing options, ranging from £4.99 to £49.99. If you upgrade to a premium plan, you’ll be able to see all of the top-performing posts at once.


Creating an advertisement takes proper planning and hours of monitoring your competitors’ performance. There’s no need for an app with AdSpy because the program scans through a series of competitor ads and evaluates their success depending on the parameters you set. The search filter is really comprehensive, and you may use a variety of filters to access the finer information of ads from any field.
You may acquire historical Facebook or Instagram ad data for any advertisements since 2008 with AdSpy. This tool will provide you with details such as engagement and demographic targeting. The tool is available for $149 a month, which includes 100,000 ad views.


PromoRepublic is a powerful social media tool that lets you track the success of your social media marketing campaigns. You can work efficiently with your team and leave a comment on a colleague’s post before it is publicized with this feature.

The broadcasting can also be scheduled in advance on a social media calendar, making it easier to meet deadlines. There is a 14-day trial version of the tool available, following which you can upgrade to the paid plans, which start at $49 per month.


Leadpages is a must-have tool if you envisage your brand generating revenue through massive email lists. Years of research have gone into the built-in conversion assistance elements, which will help you create landing pages. There are no limits on the number of landing pages you can create, and you can host them on fast servers.

The program also includes unlimited traffic and conversion tracking, as well as the ability to connect any external tracking tool to the landing page you construct. The monthly options start at $37, and if you sign up for a yearly subscription, you’ll get a free personalized domain name.



Mojo is a robust video editing app with over a hundred ready-made templates and a high level of customization. When it comes to audio, you have a lot of options, and you may use your music overlay if you don’t want to make an in-app pick. You may expect prompt assistance if you ask for it.

The tool’s basic format allows you to make a basic 60-second video. You can just add a page to your video to make it longer. All of your work on this tool is automatically saved, and you can return to it at any time. You can use the tool for a free trial period. After that, you may choose between monthly and yearly plans, which cost £7.99 and £19.99, respectively.

It will be a lot easier to put your social media marketing strategies into action if you employ these seven tools. With practice and time, you’ll be able to navigate these tools and create social media marketing campaigns that will help your company grow.


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