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May 21, 2022

What is CPC or Cost Per Click? Complete Beginners Guide

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There are numerous techniques of pricing for online advertising in the marketing sector. Their choice is influenced by a variety of factors, including the goal we want to achieve and the style of a marketing campaign.

These can include brand awareness, reach, and sales objectives. Clicking on an ad, displaying it, taking an action, or selling anything in an online store may all incur costs. What exactly do abbreviations like CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA, and CPS signify, and when should each model be used?

pay per click

CPC stands for cost per click. CPC is the most popular advertising approach because costs are only collected when a user clicks on an ad and is thus possibly interested in a product. Cost per click, or CPC, is a pricing method used in affiliate marketing. CPM is less predictable and stable than this model. It allows you to guess how many clicks you’ll get based on your budget more precisely. 

Let’s examine this payment method from both perspectives:

Those who do not have their own traffic (publishers)

Those who must buy it from ad networks.

CPC Model from Publisher’s Perspective

In terms of publishers (affiliate marketers with their own websites and traffic). This is a trendy option these days because it can be utilized to earn revenue from websites or mobile apps.

You earn money when someone clicks on your ad with the Cost per Click model – it’s that simple! The amount you earn is determined by how much your affiliate program or network is willing to pay per click. Clicks are often paid in the range of a penny to a few dollars, with greater pricing for consumers from Tier 1 nations.


The biggest benefit of this payment method is that its conversion process is very straightforward.  You’ll be paid with only one click;   However, in order to make a lot of money from this, you’ll need a lot of daily views.


If your website isn’t getting enough traffic, you’ll need to buy ads from ad networks. Finding ad networks that give high-quality traffic at a cost that is less than what you could make from website clicks can be challenging.

Furthermore, finding affiliate networks that pay for each ad click is difficult. Your first choice would be Google Adsense, which is known for being picky about the publishers it accepts, but it isn’t the only one to consider.


CPC Method Affiliate Marketer’s Perspective

If you’re an affiliate marketer who doesn’t have your own traffic, the Cost per Click model needs to pay for each click on your advertising. It makes no difference how many people watched the advertisement. The most important factor is how many people are interested in the offer and click on it to continue.


Cost per Click is the most straightforward method for affiliates to calculate costs and revenues. The cost per click is readily apparent, and the company’s financials will be simpler to calculate.

Those who click on the ad are also potential leads or those who are interested in your niche. You’ll be able to work with them later. Even if they did not convert straight away, remarketing may be beneficial.


If you’re an affiliate marketer, you should be aware that some people will click on ads without completing the desired action. In this instance, it is fair to limit the number of clicks made by a single user in order to avoid wasting money.


Disclaimer– This Website and related pages are only for information, educational & learning assistance. Please consult your financial advisor for assistance before investing. Personal opinion only for reviews, feedback, and educational purpose. We are not SEBI registered.

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