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May 20, 2022

What is Email Automation – And Why Do We Need It?

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You’ll learn everything you need to know about email automation in this article, including what is Email automation,  how it works, and the benefits it provides. Let’s get started with this email automation guide, which has a lot to cover.

email automation

What is Email Automation?

The Technique of delivering triggered emails to your subscribers automatically is known as email automation. Instead of creating time-consuming broadcast email newsletters and one-off email marketing campaigns, email automation allows you to compose an email or series of emails and schedule them to send whenever you want. 

A welcome email or welcome email series is one of the most common uses of email automation. Welcome emails are meant to introduce yourself to prospective subscribers, set expectations, and generally get the connection started once they sign up for your marketing emails.

Creating a new welcome email for each new subscriber would become boring and time-consuming. you’ll save a lot of time and money if you set up email automation to send those emails automatically.

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How Does Email Automation Work?

Email automation is actually very basic. You create a set of criteria that, if met, will send an email or a series of emails. Email automation allows you to develop automatic email marketing workflows that don’t require any extra effort when they’re set up. Here are some workplace email automation examples:

  • After joining an email list, you’ll receive a welcome or confirmation email.
  • Survey responses generate specific emails.
  • Emails to subscribers when they return to your site
  • To encourage customers to complete a transaction, send abandoned cart recovery emails.

Benefits of Email Automation

Automated email campaigns account for 21% of email marketing income. In addition, they have a 70.5 percent higher open rate and a 152 percent higher click-through rate than ordinary email newsletters. You may also focus on other areas of running and growing your business instead of babysitting subscribers when you automate your email marketing. Also Read: What is Email Marketing ROI?

Recovering Lost Customers

It’s possible that you have a list of previous consumers who haven’t bought from you in a while. Instead of sending them your usual email newsletter and hoping they return, you may build and send a win-back campaign using email automation.

Different win-back campaigns should be created based on the segments that are most relevant to you. This could be prior customers who have spent more than a particular amount of money with you or consumers who haven’t made a purchase in a given length of time.

Enhance the Customer

Experience Subscribers adore customization. Personalized marketing earns 75 percent of email sales, according to Moosend. Furthermore, tailored emails result in a 6X increase in transaction rates (Instapage). However, individually composing each and every email is a waste of time.

You may build a tailored and unique consumer experience by using email automation strategies instead of manually segmenting, creating, and delivering emails. Most email automation platforms contain features such as tagging, segmenting, dynamic content, and more.

Improve Your Email Replies Management

Email automation allows you to manage your email responses without having to respond to each one individually. Within your email marketing provider, you may set up autoresponders to handle the answers that come in, ensuring that your leads are nurtured and nothing gets through the gaps.

Consider the following example of an autoresponder: To keep your sales staff informed, integrate your email marketing service with your CRM program. You might be able to move the conversation from email to real-time chat depending on the live chat program you use. Boost Customer Satisfaction Another advantage of email automation is the speed with which you may respond to customer emails.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Another advantage of email automation is how quickly you can respond to emails from customers and subscribers. You can keep your sales and support teams ready to jump in at a moment’s notice with the correct mix of email marketing services and CRM software, which is a sure-fire method to endear customers to your brand.

You can also automate regular communications with your subscribers to show them that you care and appreciate them. This could incorporate things like scheduling promotions, sending birthday and anniversary emails, and sending event notifications, among other things. These emails keep you top of mind with your readers and help you create relationships that lead to increased consumer loyalty. 


Boost Your Revenue

Email automation makes it simple to design several campaigns that may be scheduled or triggered at various times to satisfy a variety of needs. You can use automation to reactivate lapsed consumers, promote your customer loyalty program, recover abandoned carts, and share bespoke deals with certain groups, among other things.

Increase Customer Retention

One of the simplest methods to keep existing customers is to use email automation. You may create targeted, automated email marketing campaigns that deliver the content and promotions your subscribers want when you segment your email list. Subscribers and consumers are more inclined to stick around if their requirements are addressed.


Though email automation has many moving components, it does not have to be time-consuming or difficult. In reality, the reverse should be true! This email automation guide’s guidelines will help you get started on your way to reaching your email automation goals. Begin by focusing on the segments of your audience that are most useful to your organization before extending them out into other categories to boost your sales even more.


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