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Tips for Beginners On How To Do SEO

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how to rank well on Google. Understanding these concepts will help you figure out how to rank your content for search engines and establish a presence online.


What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a strategy for improving the organic performance of a website in organic searches. Search engines have drastically improved their ability to synthesize our information, but there are many SEO tips and tricks which you can utilize to optimize your content for higher visibility.

How to do Basic SEO: On-Page and Off-Page

You’ll start by doing basic research on how the internet works. This is your discovery phase, where you’re exploring how to build a website, what style of the site to have, what CMS is needed for it, and so forth.

It’s important that you do this before starting anything because you don’t want to spend hours building a website only to find out it doesn’t comply with Google Analytics’ terms of service.

If you need assistance in building a website you can always leave details on Moneymoksh contact us page.

How to Rank: Marketing and Competitiveness: Famous SEO Techniques

we are sharing some common techniques that can be employed to rank on search engines. The study of marketing is vital for any website, and competing on SEO best practices will increase your level of competitiveness and quality on the internet.


This first tip relates to keyword research: the first step will be to answer a series of questions about what you’re trying to accomplish with your website; what kind of content you’re producing; your target audience; and what you hope people will share about your website on social media.


  1. Keyword Research
  2. Q&A is to be done so that people interact.
  3. Content should be legitimate (check for plagiarism)
  4. Know your target audience and publish it accordingly on the social media platform


What Is an Authorship Strategy?

One of the things we do, and we’re really good at doing, is matching up content to authors and/or influencers and then making that content available back to the people who did that content. We like to call that “contributed content” or “co-generated content.”



To summarize, you should start by discovering, what your targeted audience is looking for. Picking pages to use as a foundation for your content should be a no-brainer decision based on what your research shows.

No matter which article you publish, it must be focused on giving great content– not just slapping keywords but actually creating something of value. Utilizing social media and other blogging networks will help boost your credibility and increase your view count– as long as you’re still doing the actual work.

The whole point of SEO is to subtly promote yourself and NOT come across as overtly selfish.

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