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April 27, 2022

5 Weird Things That Boost Your Motivation

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Are you struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Is it hard to fight off excitement for junk food or always feeling tired? Not sure how to stay motivated? Check out these five weird things that make you want to keep going!

1. Creating and Setting Goals

Setting goals is an important step to achieving something. It allows us to see where we are going and provides benchmarks to measure our progress. The goal should be realistic, if you hop on the scale every day knowing you really want to lose weight, then you certainly will pay more attention than if it were just a goal in your head. You might think, “okay this time is better” in your head but in reality, there’s no way for you to know how much weight you’re actually losing.

Regardless of what type of goals you’re trying to set, there are five important things they should share:

2. Journaling Your Successes

Journaling your successes is a great way to build motivation. This seems counterproductive because you’re talking about your accomplishments to someone who already knows about them, but psychologists say accomplishing something and telling someone else about it helps keep you accountable. The positive vibes should keep on circulating.

3. Doing Oddly Task

One of the most interesting ways to increase motivation is to do something new and different. I’m not talking new and different for work. I am talking about doing something that’s just plain new and different which also interests you a lot. like for e.g. you can always start reading/blogging/learn digital marketing/coding/sports activity.

4. Making Goals achievable

I think that making your goals achievable and realistic is important for motivation. If your goal feels like an insurmountable mountain, you’ll become stressed and eventually will give up on it. Make conscious little effort every day to keep the track going.

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