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April 27, 2022

Nurture Your Mind With Yoga

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With the increasing focus on health and wellness, it is no surprise to see people across multiple demographics joining the global yoga trend.

More than just a way to stay limber and maintain physical fitness, yoga can be an extremely calming and beneficial practice for your mental health as well.

In this article we answer some of the most asked questions about yoga and provide tips on how you can start practicing to improve not just your physical wellbeing but also your mental strength and resilience.

Yoga for physical development

Yoga increases balance, strengthens muscles, and increases flexibility. Yoga for mental development is treated more closely by the Western world as it heals both the mind and the body through meditation.

Why choose Yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that has become popular worldwide. It is particularly useful for people who are high achievers, but addicted to their phones, video games or TV screens.

Yoga helps us to stay focused without relying on external sources of information (such as clicking into Facebook). Our energies are channeled more positively the more we practice the theory of yoga.

You can also choose Yoga as your carrier, work as instructor in gym or take online classes by promoting through digital marketing.

How to get started with yoga

One of the best recommendations that you can get from your yoga instructor or any expert instruction guide is to find a yoga style that you love.

This will help you become consistent with your practice and develop an affinity for working on yourself each day, which makes it easier to embed yoga into your lifestyle.

Ayurveda benefits

Ayurveda is a traditional form of medicine originating in India. It involves treating the individual as a holistic being with unique circumstances.

There are benefits to taking an Ayurveda course including relieving stress, self-awareness, boosting your immune system, and regulating your appetite.

Sutras for internal peace

The word sutra means “thread,” and the term refers to a string of words on a particular subject.

A sutra can serve as a key to open up a person’s heart and intuition more fully, enabling them to cultivate their mind more easily via yoga practices.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercise like anulom-vilom helps in cleaning the lungs and also removes the negative energy from our mind and body. It helps to imbibe positivity from all around. One should inculcate this habit every morning and also ensure to practice it minimum for ten minutes.

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