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8 Best Content Writing Tools For Unique & Quality content

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Are you looking for tools that can aid you in creating SEO-friendly content that is ranked? We’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’re reviewing the best tools for writing content to help with SEO. These tools can help you make your writing easier as well as more entertaining and more optimized content.

They’re an essential part of your marketing tools in the digital age for those who want to have most likely of being ranked well on the results pages of search engines (SERPs).

Let’s get started!

 #1 – Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is an efficient and content-related planning tool that can assist you to increase your search engine optimization score and boosting your blog’s search engine ranking potential.

 Surfer is among the top tools that can be used to plan and organize content because it comes with a variety of features that assist you in locating keywords that you can turn into content that has high search potential.

Based on a single keyword, Surfer will provide tons of related search terms and classify them into relevant categories that can assist you in identifying several search terms within the same piece of content. It also provides information regarding search intent and volume.

You can then use the AI-powered briefing tool to build out an SEO-optimized short for your article with just a couple of clicks.

Surfer comes with an editor tool for content that will evaluate content writers when they write it and keep track of which relevant terms for search have been included, and the frequency at which they were. Surfer audit tools can be used as well. Surfer Audit tool in order to modify and enhance the content you already have on your site.

In the end, Surfer is one of the best tools to simplify the process of planning and optimizing content. It’s also an excellent option for owners of websites that outsource writing work since it’s possible to use Surfer to develop specific briefs for writers and to maintain the same quality standards with the scoring system for content.

I am particularly impressed by how Surfer integrates with other platforms, and how beneficial it is for teams. For instance, Content Editors may be created and distributed to all team members using a share link. Then the Chrome extension lets you enhance content right within Google Docs and WordPress.

Pros and cons

The interface is user-friendlyThere isn’t a trial offer for free.
All-in-one content planning & optimization features
An auditing tool is available
Optimize your content in Google Docs and WordPress with the Surfer Chrome extension


Surfer plans start at $49/month, billed annually.

 #2 – Frase

Frase is an AI-powered Content Writing Tool that can assist you in every step of the process of creating content.

 You can utilize Frase to assist you in locating keywords as you write your content and make sure that it’s SEO-optimized. The AI-powered technology makes the entire process extremely easy and quick which makes it a great choice for solopreneurs or beginners.

With Frase, it is possible to create well-designed content briefs in only two clicks. All you need to do is choose the desired search term and Frase will develop an outline based on the most popular results for your selected search query. Then, it will provide you with data such as main keywords to focus on as well as heading distribution and many more that will assist you in the process of quickly and efficiently producing extremely optimized content.

When you write, Frase also has a collection of tools to help speed up the process. You can make use of features like the Write For Me feature that can complete your sentences and create new text bodies in response to your prose as well as data retrieved from the most popular pages.

It is also possible to utilize the auto-paraphrasing and rewriting tools to enhance the efficiency of your writing. Frase is also loaded with tools to aid you in optimizing and analyzing your writing which makes it an excellent all-in-one choice.

I especially like their analytics feature, which transforms Google Search Console’s information into actionable information and assists you discover opportunities within your content.

Pros and cons

The tools are all easy to make use ofThe lowest plan supports only one user
The streamlining of content planning and creationNo trial trial trial trial is free.
AI Writing tools help in creating content simple
The power of analytics transforms Google Search Console data into useful insights


Frase plans start at $39.99 for a year of billing.

 #3 – Grammarly

Grammarly is among the top grammar and spelling tools that are available and is the ideal tool to add to any content creator’s or marketer’s toolkit. In the realm of SEO spelling, spelling, and grammar are vital as they impact the user experience.

But, you don’t have to depend on outdated software such as Microsoft Word Spell Check to enhance your content. Grammarly is a simple online writing tool that is available in the Chrome browser as an extension.

It’s not just that Grammarly identifies obvious spelling errors as well as grammatical errors, it also suggests higher-level grammar changes you can implement to improve and optimize the overall quality of your content. It can even determine the tone of your article and suggest edits and suggestions make.

As a browser extension, Grammarly can spot grammar and spelling issues all over the world regardless of whether you’re writing emails using Gmail or editing your website content within WordPress’ Gutenberg editor. WordPress Gutenberg Editor. It’s a must-have software for content creation.

Pros and cons

Free plan availableFeatures such as tone and plagiarism checking are among the best features.
Easy-to-use browser extension
Affordable paid plans


Grammarly offers a free trial for users to try. Plans that are paid start at just $12 per month.

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#4 – PageOptimizer Pro

PageOptimize Pro also referred to as POP, is an SEO tool that can assist marketers and writers improve the quality of their website content. The tool is driven by Kyle Roof’s SEO strategy and has more than 400 tested outcomes.

For the tool to be used the only thing you need to input is the keywords you want to target, the domain name, and the page you want to target. Select your competitors as well as the geographical location The tool then produces an extensive article for you to read. You can then export these briefs and then work on these using Excel as well as Sheets or edit them directly from your POP Dashboard.

When you’ve created new content for your website, this editing tool will give you suggestions for optimizing your content and will provide an evaluation report that provides your content a score and the likelihood of it appearing on the search results. Page Optimizer Pro is an ideal choice for content creation and is among the most thought-through tools out there.

Pros and cons

A free trial for 7 days is availableUI is a little clunky
Employs a research-based SEO strategy
It is easy to use with the Chrome extension that is available.


Plans start at $22/month for twelve reports per month.

#5 –, previously called can be described as an AI content writing assistant that makes it simple to write content for blogs, social media sites, and much more. Jasper is built to take on the work in writing. All you have to do is supply specific details about the content you’d like to see written.

As the Jasper team, they claim that Jasper’s AI engine has analyzed around 10% of the web-based content and utilizes this knowledge to produce unique and convincing content with only two clicks. It considers factors like the purpose of content as well as the tone of voice and much more, to generate captivating content without the need for a professional writer.

Jasper is an awesome idea and is helpful in the creation of short texts such as social media posts and many more. But, it still needs editing, checking, and supervision from a human because it’s not always able to create content that is suitable for your website.

Pros and cons

Easy to useCan make mistakes
Excellent for speeding up the process of writing contentSometimes, the content is repeated or offers inappropriate suggestions


Plans start at $29/month and rise based upon the word count required.

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#6 – BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is an ideal platform for content marketing to assist you with your keyword research and analysis of the content strategies you are using.

The BuzzSumo Content Discovery tool will help you develop innovative and captivating ideas for content and also provide SEO information. Additionally, you can utilize the tool to research content to analyze and scan hundreds of articles and posts on social networks that relate to your area of expertise and help you create a thorough and thorough strategy for content.

Alongside content features, BuzzSumo also can assist you in identifying niche-relevant influencers, track mentions, and more.

BuzzSumo has been a part of my marketing arsenal for the past 5 years since it’s an indispensable tool.

Pros and cons

Advanced features for content researchThe free plan is restricted to 10 searches per month.
Additional options for content marketing Some of them aren’t available in other tools.
A leading tool utilized by PR professionals


BuzzSumo offers a trial-free plan. The paid plans start at $79 per month when you pay annually.

#7 – SEO Writing Assistant by Semrush

Semrush SEO Write Assistant is a powerful writer assistant you can utilize to improve your SEO-related content.

It’s among the most effective writing tools available and evaluates your writing in a variety of areas that include accessibility, SEO, and tone of voice. It also ranks your content in all areas and gives guidelines on how you can improve your writing using real-time data collected from the most popular results.

SEO Writing Assistant is compatible to MS Word 365, Docs, and WordPress which means you can utilize it anywhere you want to write. It’s available as an element of the Semrush system and comes with numerous additional SEO tools.

It’s also worth noting it is that Semrush offers the most comprehensive SEO and Content Marketing toolkit available. It offers access to more tools than SEO Write Assistant. 

This is the reason I strongly recommend signing up for a Semrush free trial. It will power the majority of any SEO or content strategy. You can access backlink analysis and content research, as well as content optimization, PPC research, social media publishing, analytics as well as blogger outreach tools, and much more.

Pros and cons

A powerful tool for optimizing contentFree accounts can only be used for only one Content Template.
Checks are written in four areas
Doubles as a plagiarism checker
Integrates with the most popular editing software.
Paid version offers a complete range of SEO and Content marketing tools


It’s available for free but you’ll have to create a Semrush account before you can use it. The free accounts are restricted by the use of one Content Template. Paid plans start at $119.95/month.


#8 – SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is one-stop SEO software. It’s available to download at no cost and utilizes the many tools it offers to assist you in creating content that is ranked.

Its built-in Website Auditor instrument is particularly beneficial to write content. It comes with an analysis tool for content that allows you to improve your writing for the on-page ranking factors.

It is also possible to use the Rank Tracker to conduct keyword research to find keywords that will inform your content strategy, the LinkAssistant tool to create links that will help your content rank, and using the SEO SpyGlass tool to conduct backlink and competitor research.

Although the free version does not let you save projects, you will get plenty of usage from it. Additionally, the paid plans are fairly inexpensive.

Pros and cons

All-in-one SEO toolkitSoftware that can be downloaded
Free and generous plan
Optimization of the page
Keyword research and research on competitors


It is possible to download SEO PowerSuite for no cost. To get premium benefits you can buy the license at $299 per year.


Disclaimer– This Website and related pages are only for information, educational & learning assistance. Please consult your financial advisor for assistance before investing. Personal opinion only for reviews, feedback, and educational purpose. We are not SEBI registered.

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