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10 Best Free Digital Marketing Courses Provided By Google

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Do you want to learn more about digital marketing? Would you like to find out about top digital marketing programs?

Are you looking to be accredited by Google and start the career of your choice with an incredible Digital Marketing certification?


Google Digital Marketing Courses will teach you about Digital Marketing from Search Engines, Search Marketing, and Paid Advertising to Social Media and Mobile Marketing up to Analytics, and more.

The field of digital marketing is growing at a rapid pace both internet marketers and advertisers face new challenges and opportunities.

Google Digital Marketing courses are designed to assist students and professionals in marketing and teach them Digital Marketing channels, strategies, and techniques that will help them maximize and manage their online marketing Google campaigns.

Based on The Digital Marketing Institute, “170,000 jobs in the field of digital marketing are expected by 2022, and there are not enough digital specialists to fill these positions. The digital marketing field provides students studying marketing with a unique competitive edge – you’re setting yourself for a profession where demand outpaces the supply .”

Students who want to learn how to study digital marketing and embrace challenges like the Google’s online marketing challenges are advised to take the course in digital marketing from Google. One can spend hundreds of dollars on Google’s Digital Marketing Courses but in order to sit for the exam, the foundations should be clear.

The various skills that marketers develop during this course can help them build successful job opportunities in Digital Marketing. Google digital marketing classes help marketers understand AdWords and make them ready to pass exams like the Google Partner AdWords Certification examinations.

Google’s free digital marketing class is among the most effective online courses that are offered by Google. This is an excellent chance to master the basics of digital marketing and be recognized with a world-class

google digital marketing certificate. If you’re completed with your preparation for the pre-course in the Google Marketing Course, the moment has arrived to get which courses Google offers on the list:

Table of Contents

10 Google Digital Marketing Courses-

1. A brief introduction to Digital Marketing – Google Digital Unlocked Course

Google digital unlocked

This module of the course provides students with an in-depth overview of the current digital marketing landscape and covers the essential concepts and terminology that are included in the subsequent modules.

For your convenience, to provide you with some insight, Digital Marketing is a mixture of Marketing using different online channels. These channels comprise Search Engines, Social Media, and E-Mails.

If you can find free digital marketing courses online that include certifications from Google it’s worthwhile to take the program. Learn the basics of digital marketing and master your field.

Digital Unlocked is Google’s resource that will help you increase your knowledge of digital technologies and aid you in learning Digital Marketing optimally. This is the one-stop shop for mastering the art of digital marketing through no-cost digital marketing classes that cover everything from SEO and social media, to help you build your web-based business or marketing career.

(i) The Google Digital Unlocked platform is free and you only need to sign for an account. It is easy to get through the Google Digital Marketing course plan (consisting of 23 topics) by taking a look at the lessons and evaluating your knowledge through fun and short tests. In the end, unlock questions for certification and earn certificates when you pass the test.

(ii) This course is ideal for anyone who wants to start their journey into Digital Marketing and like to improve their digital marketing abilities with certificates to boost their resume. In the Digital Unlocked Introduction to Digital Marketing Course, you will take a look at different video tutorials by the everyday DM experts from Google.

Iii) Digital Unlocked also aids in understanding the practical aspects of DM learning and equips you with strategies to apply your knowledge to evaluate what you’ve learned.

(iv) Digital Unlocked includes The Primer app that delivers five-minute lessons on digital marketing with a choice of Hindi and English which will assist you to discover how to create an enterprise, create websites, performs SEO, makes online ads, and more. The app offers no-cost digital Marketing classes that comprise Google Analytics Certificates for those who have completed the complete Google Digital marketing courses content.

An important thing to keep in mind is that even though Google Digital Marketing Courses teach you how to implement certain tactics, however, they do not offer a wealth of details on the actual-time application of these strategies.

2. AdWords Fundamentals Course

Google adwords certification

Digital Advertising gives you a opportunity to tailor your ads to the type of people you want to attract and then sort through those that don’t. When you decide to promote your business on the internet using AdWords You can make use of unique targeting strategies to reach prospective customers right at the moment they’re looking for your product or services.

The courses that are included in this course assist students to develop a fundamental understanding of AdWords and prepare for their AdWords Fundamentals test.

(i) AdWords Exam Study Guide

This Guide is designed for those who are required to prepare for the AdWords Fundamentals exam. It provides information and data on the most important aspects of web-based ads and AdWords and the benefits of advertising on the internet, ways to create and manage the challenges of an AdWords campaign, and how to measure and improve the efficiency of your campaign.

(ii) The AdWords refresher manual

This useful Refresher Guide is a simplified version of the complete AdWords Fundamentals Study Guide and could serve as a fantastic refresher prior to taking the exam or while managing an AdWords Ad campaign.

(iii) Google Academy for Ads

It will help you learn about Google advertising products and gives you the knowledge required to be successful in the world of online advertising. It is required to complete every course in the Google Digital Marketing courses, take the Assessment and get an Achievement to display in your account.

(iv) Guide to AdWords Success

A set of tools that will assist you in understanding the things you need to consider when it comes to internet marketing. Create campaigns that bring in new clients, and discover ways to monitor and increase the performance of your AdWords advertisements.

(v) Designing relevant ads using Ad Extensions

The use of an advertisement extension is like providing your campaign with a huge message that reads ‘I’m here. So, Digital Marketing Course Google can help you determine how to increase the exposure and effectiveness of your Ads and increase click-through rates by incorporating extension extensions for advertisements.

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(vi) How To Make the Most Effective Keyword List

A comprehensive keyword list can help advertisers deliver the most effective message to potential customers in the most efficient method. The courses from Google will assist you to determine how to say the most effective thing at the most precise time.

(vii) Campaign Settings

It can help you determine how to make sure your advertisement is noticed in the places and times you require it using Campaign Settings.

(viii) Three Steps for Budget-Smartness

This will allow you to figure out the best way to monitor and gain the maximum benefit possible from your budget.

3. Search Advertising Course

Search advertising AdWords certification

Advertising on the Google Search Network aid advertisers to reach out to the most relevant people at the most appropriate time, using key keyword data. The courses included in this course will aid students in developing an in-depth understanding of search marketing optimization best methods and preparing them to take the Search Advertising exam.

(i) Search Advertising Exam Guide

This guide is designed for people who must get prepared to take the Search Advertising exam. It will teach you everything about how search works and how to create Ad campaigns, Ad Configurations, and how to improve and screen Ad performance.

(ii) Search Refresher Guide

This useful resource is a simplified version of the complete Search Advertising Study Guide and is an excellent refresher prior to when you attempt the AdWords test or when you manage an AdWords campaign.

(iii) Introduction to Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

It assists you in sending the right message to the appropriate person at the right time using the RLSA.

4. Display Advertising Course

Google Adwords displays certification

Isn’t it fascinating to find out the ways the digital course offered by Google can help you achieve the desired outcomes? Learn about the course in advertising…

It’s a great way to contact individuals as they browse their favorite sites and apps, by showing a similar YouTube video, analyzing their Gmail records, or using mobile applications and websites.

The modules of the Google Digital Marketing course cover the different types of ads for display can be, as well as how they function and the best practices for managing campaigns to prepare to take the Display Advertising exam.

(i) Exam Study Guide

It is the perfect choice for people who wish to prepare to pass the Display Advertising test. It covers everything from the fundamental and advanced concepts of display advertising and the best practices for designing most, managing, monitoring, and streamlining display ad campaigns on the Display Network.

(ii) Refresher Guide

This useful resource is a simplified version of the complete Display Advertising Study Guide and could serve as a fantastic refresher before you sit for the test or when working on an AdWords campaign.

(iii) Display Settings

This will help you determine the best way to make the most of the GDN using the Campaign settings for the display.

(iv) An Introduction to Remarketing

It helps you understand Remarketing, and helps people remember of what you’re offering. Because of reasons that aren’t clear, they might not have noticed it the first time around, and remarketing tells people that you’re capable of obtaining another go’.

(v) Set up Remarketing

It will assist you in figuring out how to create the remarketing tags. It will also demonstrate to you the best ways to collect the data of customers that are required to create reliable Remarketing records.

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5. Mobile Advertising Course

Google mobile advertising certification

The courses of this course are designed to familiarize you with the growing significance of mobile devices and mobile advertisements. It also prepares you to take an exam called the Mobile Advertising exam as well. It will help you understand mobile Ad campaigns, best methods, and much more.

(i) Exam Study Guide

It is ideal for people who have to be ready for Mobile bidding and targeting, mobile ads estimates, etc.

(ii) Refresher Guide

This useful resource is a shortened version of the complete Mobile Advertising Study Guide and it is an excellent refresher prior to when you sit for the test or while managing the details of your Mobile AdWords campaign.

(iii) Mobile Ads

With customers constantly getting busier and busier and in a hurry, knowing how to create mobile ads that grab their attention is crucial. If you read Google’s user guide to learn how to create amazing promotions that will attract the attention of the public.

6. Video Advertising Course

Video advertising AdWords certification

Video is one of the most effective ways to build a strong relationship with prospective clients. The courses in this digital marketing course offered by Google provide a clear explanation of the value of video, analyze the effectiveness of video advertising and provide video marketing guidelines for planning exams like the Video Advertising exam.

(i) Exam Study Guide

The Exam Study Guide has been designed for people who must prepare to take this Video Advertising exam. It covers all aspects from basic to advanced Video advertising principles to how video advertising through YouTube or Google Display Network can help your clients meet their goals in advertising.

In addition, it includes video advertising campaign creation and management, including performance monitoring and optimization.

(ii) Refresher Guide

This useful resource is a simplified version of the complete Video Advertising Study Guide that serves as a great refresher prior to when you sit for the Video advertising test or while managing your AdWords campaign to promote video advertising.

(iii) Kinds of Videos Ads

Learn more about the many kinds of video ads that can aid the business of your client.

(iv) Advertising AdWords to video

Making use of AdWords for video can take advantage of the largest video potential. It allows you to display AdWords for videos as a solution an offer from your company partner.

(v) What is the best way to Create Video Ads

It can help you determine how to create a video advert on behalf of your company partners by using YouTube in the most efficient way.

7. Shopping Advertising Course

Google shopping advertising AdWords certification

Shopping ads include your products’ images along with the cost and company name in front of the people searching the products you sell on Google.

The modules of this course focus on the creation and management for the Google Merchant Center account, optimization of your shopping campaign, and the most appropriate practices for planning to take the Shopping Advertising exam.

(i) Exam Study Guide

It is thought to be the best option for those who have to prepare to take taking the Shopping Advertising exam. This course will cover everything, from establishing and managing creating your Google Merchant Center account, data feed submission for product bidding, optimization as well as bidding, optimization, and more.

(ii) Refresher Guide

This is a simplified version of the complete Shopping Advertising Study Guide and can serve as a fantastic refresher prior to you attempting the shopping advertisement test or when you are working on those buying AdWords campaigns.

8. Analytics Course

Google Analytics certification

The Analytics Google Digital Marketing reviews Google Analytics; why it is essential and how it functions and how you can get into the Analytics tools.

(i) Analytics Academy

You must complete The Analytics Academy’s Digital Analytics Fundamentals and Platform Principles courses in order to prepare your preparation for an Analytics IQ exam and figure out what Analytics does and how to create the Google Analytics account, gather data, research reports and much more.

(ii) Analytics IQ Study Guide

While you’re not finished with your Analytics Academy’s Digital Analytics Fundamentals and Platform Principles courses These Help Center articles will aid you to prepare your preparation for the Analytics IQ test efficiently and feasible.

(iii) Adwords and Analytics

Discover ways to connect AdWords and Analytics can enhance your bidding, messaging, and the performance of campaigns.

(iv) Google Analytics | Smart Goals

Find out what Smart Goals are and how they can aid you in identifying the most active customers on your site.

9. Best Practices and Tools Training

Google AdWords keyword planner

A successful advertising campaign needs an appropriate plan and arrangement. Students must make use of the tools in this class to understand their potential and competitors, and study the latest trends in digital marketing and search terms in their fields.

Google Best Practices Guide

Google’s Best Practices Series give vital advice on the best techniques for marketing on search engines, AdWords tactics, and the fundamentals of paid search ads. The various tools that are available in Google’s Digital Marketing Courses include

(i) Google Planning Tools

(ii) Keyword Planner and Display Planner

(iii) Google Trends

(iv) Consumer Barometer, etc.

10. Google My Business Course

Google my business homepage

Although creating a Google My Business page is not required for taking part in Google Online Marketing Challenge, making sure to share the data with your company partner could be extremely beneficial for creating your customer’s online presence.

This course is an optional one that focuses on Google My Business, which is a tool that lets businesses with storefronts or local service areas set up or obtain an unpaid business listing on Google. This online marketing course from Google will help you learn how to set up Google My Business and maximize its benefits of it.

What exactly is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free application that assists both business and entrepreneurs maintain their data current and up to date on Google Search and Maps. Through an authentication procedure, you are able to add or alter details such as the address of your store as well as hours of operation and even photos. The course covers:

(i) What is the reason why a Google My Business listing important

(ii) How do I create and verify a Business Listing

(iii) What is the best way to Change Business Information

Who is eligible to apply for Google’s digital marketing courses?

(i) College Grads

Whatever area of study you’re associated with You can choose any Digital Marketing Course. Since Digital Marketing is a short-term course, it is able to be completed in conjunction with regular study.

(ii) Marketing professionals

Marketing professionals can take the digital marketing program to broaden their understanding of the world of marketing. When they apply for Google’s Digital Marketing Course, marketing professionals can gain a thorough knowledge of the digital landscape to develop their marketing strategies.

(iii) People seeking a change in their career

Anyone looking for new opportunities in their careers should enroll in Digital Marketing Course by Google to help them find a new direction for their career.

(iv) Entrepreneurs & Businessmen

Businesses and entrepreneurs can enroll in this Digital Marketing Course by Google to develop new strategies and plans for business, reach out to their targeted customers and boost sales and conversions.


A forested Google Digital Marketing Courses are created to help digital marketers master everything related to digital marketing the most thoroughly and efficiently. Google Digital Marketing courses also assist marketers in passing the certification exam and aid them in being Google-recognized digital marketing experts.

Disclaimer– This Website and related pages are only for information, educational & learning assistance. Please consult your financial advisor for assistance before investing. Personal opinion only for reviews, feedback, and educational purpose. We are not SEBI registered.

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