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July 8, 2022

Top 10 Free Influencer Marketing Tools & Boost Organic Reach

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If you don’t want to use an agency or platform to promote your influencer marketing, then you will need to establish relationships with influential people. You must first identify the influential people in your niche. If you are active in your niche online, you might already be aware of the most influential people. For other cases, it is important to conduct extensive research. You have a number of marketing tools to assist you in your research.

These 10 influencer marketing tools are either free or paid. You will need to pay to use the majority of the features in freemium tools. However, they offer limited capabilities and are not free.

These are 10 free social media tools for Influencers:

1. Upfluence


Upfluence provides a comprehensive influencer platform that offers a variety of features. The platform’s influencer discovery and search engine are a crucial part of influence.

It boasts a large database of more than 3 million influencer profiles. Upfluence’s AI indexes profiles and keeps them updated in real-time. The algorithm evaluates every piece of content for reachability and engagement.

Upfluence clients can use as many keywords as they wish to find influencers. The keyword search can be used to narrow down the selection. You can assign relative importance to each keyword, making them more important than the others. Instagram also allows you to refine your search using other criteria, such as location, social platform, and number of followers. The statistics you get will be displayed in real-time. The left side of your screen displays search terms. On the right side, you will see the number of results. It also categorizes them based on their follower count.

Upfluence also offers a Chrome plugin at no cost. It’s a “do-it-yourself” tool for the influencer market. It allows you to view an influencer’s profile directly from your browser. The plugin is compatible with all major networks such as Instagram, Facebook YouTube Pinterest Pinterest. The plugin gives instantaneous, cutting-edge analytics to any influencer across all of their social network accounts.

2. Aspire (formerly AspireIQ)


AspireIQ refers to itself as a community intelligence and marketing platform that is built for advocacy. It views your community as the most influential of all. It defines your community as customers, creative professionals, experts, employees, brand representatives, and people who share the same passion and values that are tied to your brand.

AspireIQ is a tool that can turn any connection into value.

AspireIQ’s database includes more than six million content creators. This allows you to find the ideal partners with whom to collaborate. AspireIQ will grow with you. Their automated workflow adapts to each stage of your campaign, from initial connection and product fulfillment to approval and tracking. If you want, you can also expand your reach to hundreds more influencers.

AspireIQ doesn’t offer a free marketing platform for influencers. A plan must be purchased if you wish to access all the resources. Creators are welcome to join for free. It doesn’t charge fees for creator relationships. It charges for only the software that you use to grow your network and influencer programs.

3. HypeAuditor

Hype auditor

HyperAuditor allows you to rank top Instagram influencers by their quality and number of engaged followers.

HypeAuditor AI analyses blogs and ranks them according to quality followers and authentic engagement. They take raw data from many sources, then depersonalize and group it. They consider only followers and likes. The algorithm then ranks influencers to create the global top influential lists. These lists are updated daily.

You can choose to select a list with the top 1000 influential people, covering all niches, or you can break the list down into one of the 14 categories. You have two options: you can either choose influencer lists that cover all countries or a list that only includes influencers from 17 specific countries.

HypeAuditor gives the following information about each influential person on each list.

  • Current ranking (and change since last month only for some lists)
  • The Instagram username for the influencer
  • What are the main topics an influencer posts about?
  • Their target country
  • Their followers
  • Their authentic engagement estimated

Clicking on any influencer will bring you to a page with additional information about their Instagram performance and Audience Quality Score. It also provides demographics and engagement data.

4. Storyclash


Storyclash’s new influencer search tool makes it easy to discover Instagram influencers talking about your brand. It allows you to search for the ideal social media personality that suits your needs and is reachable by your target audience.

Use the free influencer tool by entering your brand name or hashtag in the search bar. Storyclash will provide a partial list with the names and addresses of the most recent mentions for your hashtag within the past 30 calendar days. Each influencer’s followers and niche are included in the results.


Affable simplifies the process of executing influencer campaigns through optimization and planning. The platform uses AI to give deep demographic insights on an individual’s Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok history, along with their impact on your brand, and product pages, all from one login. Clarins and Lenovo have found this service to be invaluable for measuring ROI and identifying new opportunities during every stage of creating marketing campaigns.

The Affable Database of Influencers is much more than a list. It is a comprehensive research project that gives you all the information necessary to find the ideal candidate. A variety of advanced filters can be used to identify influencers according to their demographics, location, number of followers, and more.

6. Post for Rent

post for rent

Post for rent is also an effective influencer tool. The company achieves an effective balance between cold business efficiency, authentic influencer campaigns, and a streamlined customer experience.

It’s possible for influencers and brands to leave reviews for one another and act as referees. These star ratings are available in the search results for brands looking to find influencers. Brands can also click into their profiles and view reviews left on behalf of other brands. In the same way, influencers can see ratings for brands. This could affect their willingness to work together with the company.

Start by creating a brief. Here you can define the type of campaign that you would like. However, the tedious, more time-consuming tasks of finding and managing influencers as well as their content, browsing through profiles, data, and researching audiences can be done effortlessly with a simple interface.

Brands don’t even have to search for influencers prior to creating campaigns. For some campaigns, they don’t even need to search for influential people. Post for Rent notifies all influencers who meet the campaign criteria when a brand publishes a Public campaign. This can be done through a mobile application. Those interested in applying can do so directly.

Post for Rent allows you to view thumbnails of relevant influencers. This includes their ratings and credit scores as well as basic stats. The right-hand sidebar of the screen shows you a list of influencers. You can click on the ones that interest and they will be added. You can continue refining your search, based on an influencer or audience attributes, and the list never vanishes.

Post for Rent allows users to search for influencers using hashtags they’ve used in previous content. This allows you to target more people.

You can also access any social media account and get a free report. This report is a great first step toward making informed decisions regarding influencer marketing.

7. is a completely different approach than most influencer networks. not only offers influencer market services but also functions as a social media platform. This allows brands to build long-lasting relationships and authentic connections that are integral to influencer marketing. has a marketplace and social network that now boasts over 250,000 members. This includes 150,000 influencers and 70,000 businesses.’s social side doesn’t replace discovery or activation. Instead, it enhances them. But it elevates to another level. Brands can build the best relationships with influential people whose posts are displayed in their feed. has two plans. One is free and the other is paid. You can create your profile with a free basic account and have access to the platform’s community. Basic searches are limited to 50 results. Search results can be sorted into up 3 lists. You can create, publish, and message up to 12 influential people per month.

8. PitchBoard


Pitchboard is an online marketplace that helps you execute campaigns quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t see the need to add influencer discovery or relationship-management functionality. Instead, it focuses on helping marketers reach large audiences. It is therefore well-suited to be used in conjunction with platforms that are focused on other areas. Pitchboard employs its machine-learning algorithm for analyzing influencer data to find those who are best suited to run campaigns.

It has a simple user interface that is easy to navigate. After logging in, you can view all of your campaigns: past, current, and drafts. On your dashboard, you can see a high-level view of each campaign.

Pitchboard does a great job with compensation. Brands can submit detailed requests for multiple content pieces to receive a comprehensive compensation package. Pitchboard displays real-time information, including estimates and projections of engagement and costs per engagement.

A Pitchboard team member reviews the submissions of brands and checks to make sure that everything is correct. These manual reviews verify that invitations to influencers have been legitimately sent. Pitchboard also checks the briefs for quality. Once the brief is approved, Pitchboard invites influential people to pitch for your brand.

Pitchboard gives insight and analytics to influencers who pitch brands. The Pitchboard includes projections of each influencer’s engagement and a breakdown of the cost of those engagements. They provide details about their audience and indicate an audience credibility score.

9. Dovetale


Dovetale is open to any brand. However, the focus of Dovetale’s work is on eCommerce shops. Dovetale emphasizes its integration with Shopify. They help Shopify stores recruit and manage customers who love their products. This makes it a great choice for small businesses. They are also suitable for larger companies. The company also offers enterprise tools that can be used to assist teams in managing influencer marketing campaigns. Dovetale, however, is more suited to small businesses than most of the other platforms.

Dovetale’s free, usable plan is perhaps the best example of this. You only need to connect to your Shopify shop to get started. The free plan lets you manage up to five community members (influencers) with a custom community page, a custom signup widget for Shopify, unlimited gifting, affiliate orders, and tracking of affiliate sales. As you become more interested in using influencers, you can upgrade your plan to one of our paid plans.

Dovetale offers all of the tools you need for campaign management, reporting, and analytics to help you measure the success of your campaigns.


10. Chrome extension that assists you in your networking. You can view your email recipients, LinkedIn and Facebook connections updates, and statuses in a sidebar. For example, you can see the Facebook friends of someone who you have connected with on LinkedIn.

It is possible to see the social media accounts of your contacts on a range of social media platforms and channels. These include Google+. allows you to check if any of your contacts are connected with influential people in your niche. If there are connections, you can leverage those contacts to introduce yourself to the influencers.


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